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"You can also save a life by being a designated driver. It may take as little as ten minutes of your time to keep a friend from being arrested, dying, or killing someone else. Changing the world often starts at home."

I read the first chapter of your book and I am touched. Thank you for the privledge of sharing your labor of love. Your humility and simple message of Practical Imagination towards good is powerful.

I chose the quote above, not only because it is a simple solution to "how can I help," being a designated driver, but also because the true GRAVITY of our choices is immense when we think about it. It sounds trite or simplistic that NOT driving someone home who is obviously impaired could kill somebody, but that is SO TRUE.
- Rich Torio

The Making of "Doing Good Works!"

Doing Good Works!

It really does. Small acts of kindness and generosity do make a difference in this big world. Let me explain how I came to this conclusion and how this book came to be.


Back in April, 2009 I was sitting on my couch in Pittsburgh early in the morning. I received an email with a youtube video clip. I watched it and it was AWESOME! The video was a "normal" guy who traveled the world and did a crazy dance with people from all walks of life.


At first I was impressed just because he actually went out and did something. He didn't just sit around and talk about it. He took action. Then I saw how many people have seen his video - OVER 22 Million! At that point, I was REALLY impressed.


I thought, "WOW! If that many people watched this video of this guy having fun, I wonder how a video could be used to really make a difference. I wonder if a video of someone doing good deeds would inspire others to do good."


I thought about it for a day or so.


Then I came across another guy. This dude just went out and offered "FREE HUGS" to strangers. What a crazy idea, right?


Well, maybe not. Actually, it's not so crazy when you think about it. Who doesn't need a hug at some point? Hugs are great! Hugs = Smiles = Happiness. A hug from a total stranger means that someone you don't even know wants you to be happy just because you are a fellow human being. Now THAT is comforting.      


This video of this man who just went out and gave free hugs on the street had 47 MILLION VIEWS ON YOUTUBE!


There are people all around the world giving hugs because of this one man's act! He practically started a movement!




So I got to thinking, "I wonder... If I would go out and help some people in a random city, would it inspire others and show them that there is hope, and also point out that it's the little things in life that really make a difference?" I gave it a shot.


When I got home, I wasn't sure what to expect. The media did a few stories on the video and some good hopefully came of it.






So where did this book come from? Well, the youtube video has gotten 5,000 views to date, and the news articles over 10,000, but I didn't think that was enough of an impact. So, I was talking with a friend who is a writer, and he said we should write a book about what I was trying to accomplish, giving people some practical ideas of how to think and act to change the world.   

And the book Doing Good Works! was born.