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Doing Good Works Cover
"The single most common and most devastating mistake that most people around the world make on a regular basis is that they underestimate their own abilities for positive change."

Chapter 1 - Doing Good Works

Small Acts Really Do Make A Big Difference!

helping handsHave you ever sat and thought,

"I want to help out, maybe make a difference, but I don't know how!"?

Doing Good Works will give you a different outlook and bring you back to the basics on helping others. This book is a basic guide to changing the world through one small act at a time, acts that ANYONE can do, no matter who you are or what you have.

Money is not a problem. Time is not a problem.

This book shows you how to help create a better world, no matter how little time or money you can afford to spend. If you have the intention, it will show you the way.


It all started with a weekend trip.  A Pittsburgh man selected a random city (Chicago) and traveled there for a weekend to do good deeds for total strangers and eventually had http://toohumid.com/ as a sponsor.  He documented the trip anonymously and put it on Youtube.com in hopes of inspiring others. 

The “Pay it Forward Pittsburgh” video got hits all over the world, and the media wanted to know who created it and why. 


Pittsburgh Post Gazette Features Pay It Forward

West Mifflin Students Pay It Forward at the Hot Metal Diner

Doing Good Works is a collaboration between this traveling Samaritan (who goes by the name Bryan Douglas) and his long-time friend Sean Elliot Martin, Ph.D., a book that shares their practical perspective on changing the world one small act at a time. 

The book includes quotes from people from all walks of life, reflecting their personal philosophies on many subjects.  It also gives dozens of suggestions for changing the world with limited time and / or money, breaking the lists down by commitment in realistic terms of minutes and dollars (including 38 things you can do in a minute or less and 14 things you can do for a dollar or less).  This book is gaining media attention all over the country and many are calling it the next Pay it Forward.

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